Masterplan Volume 1

Sidgwick Masterplan
Sidgwick Masterplan Allies & Morrison Architects

Summary of Masterplan Opportunities:

  1. (A1) Opportunity for new build development on the site of the Custodians Lodge facing Sidgwick Avenue.
  2. (A2) Opportunity for new build development on the site of the Sidgwick Avenue car park adjoining Classics.
  3. (A3) Potential to provide a vertical extension to the Classics Museum.
  4. Enhancement of the Little Hall and the Lecture Block including a potential new café.
  5. (B1) Opportunity to provide a new extension to the Lecture Block and the creation of a shared foyer and break-out space by infilling the canopied area between the Little Hall and Lecture Block.
  6. (B2) Replacement of the Lady Mitchell Hall foyer with a larger new foyer recommended.
  7. Opportunity to provide extensive long-term cycle storage and shower facility for staff in FAMES basement.
  8. (C1) Potential to infill ground and upper floor cavities of FAMES
  9. Opportunity to move the Buttery from the Austin Robinson Building to create a shared meeting and break-out space.
  10. Enhancement of the Austin Robinson Building and opportunity for infill to create a new entrance foyer (D1).
  11. Strategy developed to enhance the Raised Faculty Building courtyard area with a new route, planting and artworks.
  12. Strategies developed to improve wayfinding within the site through environmental improvement.
  13. (F1) Possibility for extending Divinity to create a mirror south wing, subject to negotiation with Selwyn College in relation to height of extension.
  14. (F2) Opportunities for new build development retaining only the Concert Hall and western extension recommended, subject to a detailed feasibility study.
  15. (G1) Stirling building assessment of alternative shared uses and potential for enhancement.

The masterplan figures indicate a proposed increase in the gross area floor space on the site of 9,669m2, from 53,849m2 to 63,518m2. This represents an increase of 17.9%. The increase in number of users on the site is approximately 800 (based on 9,000 existing users). Four of the proposed development sites allow for future growth or potentially re-housing existing facilities from other sites.

For further information, see Masterplan report Volume 1 under Reports (access restricted to University of Cambridge staff, requires Raven username and password).