Masterplan Volume 2

This document assesses potential opportunities to make better use of existing space within each building on the Sidgwick Site. Allies and Morrison have considered the possible adaption of spaces in each faculty building to optimise space and usage, in order to address the following key masterplan objectives:

  • Optimise the use of existing space
    Testing potential capacity for enhancement or alternative use, providing the potential for increased sharing and flexible uses.
  • Increase the level of sharing across the site whilst retaining individual identities
    Stimulate collaboration: estate strategy goal of a new model which enables collaboration to take place beyond current departmental structures amongst a variety of University communities.
  • Enhance the sense of community and student experience
    To help ensure that the estate supports productivity in teaching, research and administration, to ensure a positive experience of the estate for staff and students.

The site-wide data analysis and illustrative optimisation studies will enable the University to gain a better understanding of the range of opportunities for optimisation, enhancement or alternative uses that exist as potential refurbishment projects within each building. These fit-out projects may be prioritised as appropriate in order to satisfy shorter term priorities before possible expansion takes place as the student and staff numbers increase over the next 20 years. As many of the existing buildings are either Grade II listed or Buildings of Local Importance, the study represents a comprehensive review of the potential to enhance the internal spaces across the entire site, rather than on a piecemeal basis which would be more likely to cause harm to the existing buildings. The studies involve a consideration of the following four space uses within each building:

Allies & Morrison Masterplan report Volume 2Allies & Morrison Masterplan report Volume 2

Source: Allies & Morrison Masterplan report Volume 2

For further information, see Masterplan report Volume 2 under Reports (access restricted to University of Cambridge staff, requires Raven username and password).